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The following are actual patient testimonials. Some have been edited, and certain identifying details were altered to protect privacy.
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Choosing Dr. Engler turned out to be the best decision I ever made! Dr. Engler is truly a cut above the rest….I’m thankful everyday I stepped into his office.

I researched a handful of doctors in the area and narrowed it down to the best of the best that I wanted to have consultation with. I knew being face to face would ultimately help me decide. What I didn’t realize was how apparent my choice would be upon entering Dr. Englers office. I immediately felt at home. His staff was very warm and helpful and treated me as a person, not a number or the next business transaction like I felt at other doctor offices. Not once did I feel pressured to make a decision. And any question I could think of was answered with sincerity. Furthermore, Dr. Engler was extremely thorough in my consultation offering advice on size, shape and overall assessment not even knowing if I’d call back to book the surgery.

It wasn’t until the day of surgery that I fully realized what a great decision I made. Prior to surgery, in depth conversations occurred to solidify the choice in implant size and in my case the choice of two different sized implants. Also, a differing incision height from left to right was also deemed necessary to get optimum results.

I felt great relief as I went into surgery knowing that all the possibilities were discussed to get the results I so desired. I’m so thankful that Dr. Engler is as amazing and talented as he is. I could have had quite the botched surgery if I had been in the wrong hands. Upon leaving the office, Dr. Engler checked in every day for the first week to make sure the recovery was going smoothly. And if any additional questions or concerns came up he was gladly at my disposal via his cell at any hour of the day.

Today, I write this 5 months post-op and couldn’t be happier with my choice in getting implants. I’ve wanted them for years and they turned out AMAZING, all thanks to Dr. Engler and his team. They are perfect and natural looking and I get compliments on them all the time. He’s an absolutely gifted surgeon and highly recommend him to everyone I know.

I met Dr. Engler 5 years ago when I first requested breast reduction. At that time he was not accepting my insurance but even at the first visit, I knew I wanted him to handle my surgery. He explained all the risks, benefits and alternatives in a confident, professional manner. He has a wealth of knowledge and tons of experience. Thankfully I got the insurance he accepted and went back to him after years of suffering from the effects of enlarged breasts. I could not believe he remembered me from five years ago and he immediately started the process of approval and preparation for the procedure. After only weeks I got approved by the insurance company and I was scheduled the procedure only days after the approval. Needless to say I am ecstatic about the results. My nipples have great sensation. I have absolutely no back pain and shoulder soreness. My posture improved and my self confidence skyrocketed. I can exercise in gym attire and wear swim suits that actually fits and contains my breasts. The office staff were pleasant, respectful, polite, helpful and accommodating. Thank you Dr. Engler. You are absolutely the best. The five year wait was well worth it. The result is fantastic. I showed them off to my friends and so far one person had the procedure done with Dr. Engler and a few more are seriously considering it. I know I look good. I am happy. My husband is happy and the “girls” are happy.
PURE GENIUS... and even that is an understatement. Dr. Engler has transformed my body into a shape I thought I could never achieve. When I first met Dr. E it was for a consultation for a breast reduction. He took one look at them and the rest of my body and said no. He asked if I was open to other suggestions. I said yes and the rest was history. About a month later he preformed a modifided tummy tuck and lipo on my stomach, hips, and back. I've never been so comfortable and so happy in my own skin as I am now. I have a waistline that I can actually see and curves that make my twin sister jealous. I'm constatantly looking in the mirror at my new body and smiling from ear to ear. I have a new found confidence. And I'm loving it. I'm even eating healthier just to make sure I maintain this new me.
Dr. Engler and staff are always professional, caring, and unbelievably attentive. I spoke with him everyday from the day of my surgery to about 2 to 3 weeks post op. It's a reassuring feeling knowing your doctor REALLY cares. From the first day I met the gang to my most recent visit, they've been more than welcoming. They make you feel comfortable. They truly are the friendliest bunch.
A million thank yous for making look and feel like a million bucks. You're amazingly talented. And I'm overjoyed that you're my surgeon.
Dear Dr. E.,

I just want to thank you ,and say again what a pleasure this experience has been. As you know the first attempt didn't happen because I wasn't well enough, disappointing for us both. But , I'm also very grateful for your anesthesiologist who is really the best ! Id put my life in his hands any day. A huge thank-you to him as well. I cant say enough how smooth it went. Even though we couldnt do it the last summer, against his approval (asthma flare up). I'm so glad we stayed in touch, and you took me on without a hiccup. Living long distance in Dubai didn't make our planning surgery a problem and thanks for letting me do all prop tests there. It made everything so much easier for me. Most of all I want to say I tried on a St. John gown today and WOW! my daughter and I couldnt believe how good I looked and thats with more improvement to come! I'm so thrilled. But thats why I choose you to do it. I knew you had the eye and the skills after viewing pictures on the internet for over a year before coming to NYC for our first consultation. And I was right , our personalities clicked. Your professionalism and straight honesty along with both of our easy going natures worked well together. I trusted you because I could see you had a vision of how I could be and your were truly excited to do your magic. I think you recommended just the right things and not too much. I know you did the most and everything possible to get the best result and you took your time as well (all day) thank you for that. I was in good hands and I knew it from the beginning now it has proved to be true.
My Sincerest Thanks,

I thought about a breast augmentation for years before I finally gathered the courage to go through with it.

After consulting with 2 other doctors, I had a consultation with Dr. Engler. My initial feeling with doctor E. was one of comfort and openness. I was able to express myself without reservations. Dr E. was very easy to conversate with and I was able to explain my desire and have all my questions answered. Best of all, I felt as if Dr. E and I were on the same page, in terms of the outcome I wanted.

I had my surgery!!! I had the best staff!!! I feel as if I know the women in the office for a long time. They made my healing process a very smooth and comfortable one, and the attention to detail is exceptional.

Dr E. has been the most caring, compassionate and professional doctor. His follow-up after my surgery was impeccable. I could not have asked for a more thorough and all-around nice person. This overall experience has been a very pleasant, positive and satisfying one for me because of Dr. E and his staff. I would highly recommend this office to anyone considering having some work done.

In choosing a doctor for my breast augmentation I couldn't’t have made a better choice than Dr. Engler. My case is a bit complicated so I feel fortunate that he accepted to do my surgery. First of all I’m disabled. Because I wasn't’t sure that he would take on my case I initially contacted him through email. I explained in detail my situation and he wrote back to me right away. He was willing to see me and we setup a consultation. I use a wheelchair to get around and on the day of the consultation his staff was so incredibly helpful in getting me in and out, being that there are a few steps in the front of the facility. Once meeting Dr. Engler he really put me at ease because he is so welcoming and a complete professional that I felt comfortable to ask all the questions I had as well as show him my breasts. To add complication to my case I also have asymmetric breasts. One breast was higher and smaller than the other. During the consultation Dr. Engler explained to me that he would try to get them close in size as possible but that perfect symmetrical breast wasn't’t a realistic result. Dr. Engler described what he would do to try to get them more symmetrical and the risk involved in lowering the crease. It gave me a lot to think about but I placed my trust on Dr. Engler who has a lot of experience in the field. In regard to choosing a size Dr. Engler never pushed me to get a certain size; I did the rice test and from there had an idea of the size I would be getting.

On the days before surgery I was in constant contact with Dr. Engler. Any question I had I would email him and he would either email me or call me but I never had to wait more than a day for a response. Dr. Engler is very accessible, which I felt comfort in, being that I still had questions. On the day of surgery I was a little nervous but Dr. Engler and his staff are great and I felt confident that I was in good hands. After awakening from surgery Dr. Engler’s nurse was kind enough to assist my sister in getting me ready to leave. I was very drowsy but well enough to leave and Dr. Engler himself took me outside in the wheelchair. He called me everyday, sometimes twice a day for the following week to see how I was doing. Because of the force I use on my arms to get up and walk to use the bathroom Dr. Engler was wise enough to send me home with a urinary catheter and strainers placed in. He went as far as to schedule a Saturday appointment to remove the strainers and catheter. Even more, that Saturday was my birthday and he was so gracious as to bring a dessert with a candle and sing happy birthday.

I have nothing but kind words to say about Dr. Engler. Not only is he a truly skilled surgeon that gives you great results but also an extraordinary human being. He has treated my case with the sensitivity I needed to go forward with the procedure. As for my breasts, it’s been two months since my surgery and I‘m loving the results so far. It’s still early for me to see what would be the final results but Dr. Engler did a great job and I’m very grateful.

I am a 29 year old woman who recently underwent a breast augmentation surgery, and I am writing to thank you and your staff. You see, regretfully, before I was born there was a slight gravity problem in Heaven, and what should have been my natural full breasts dropped and shifted to the back. God and I agreed that he would get around to fixing things, but when I hit puberty, other world disasters and dreams diverted His attention, which is why He created men like Dr. Engler. Getting to the serious side, the hardest time I had with the entire process was finding a doctor who made me feel like a person and not just another procedure to be performed. I had another doctor picked out before going to see Dr. Engler but I decided to see him, and I couldn’t be happier that I did. I could go into incredibly long stories explaining why I decided to have it done, but I will just say there were many. I am not an unattractive woman, I never had trouble attracting the opposite sex, so please let me define that it is not about men or any level of insecurity for the. It was the biggest, most selfish thing I have ever done, and I could not be happier! I went from an A cup to a full C. I as nervous before the surgery but Dr. Engler and his staff made me feel so secure in my desires that I felt instantly that everything would be all right. I think I fell asleep under anesthesia with a smile on my face. I am happy to say that Dr. Engler touched my heart. I have experienced various surgeries and never before has a doctor made so many follow-up calls, especially on a holiday weekend. I will forever hold him and his staff in my heart. They made my dreams come true and they did it with warmth and compassion that I was almost convinced has disappeared from health care long ago.

When I decided that I wanted to enhance my body by having a breast augmentation my search began for a qualified plastic surgeon. I spent a lot of time speaking to others who had undergone this type of surgery and received feedback of experiences others had incurred with the surgery and their physicians.

I also did much research through the internet and after gathering all of my information from all of my sources, I began visiting with each physician that I had some interest in possibly using. I tool this opportunity to ask a multitude of questions, viewing photographs of each physician’s work and carefully listening to how each physician responded to my questions and their opinions on how to approach this surgery with me.

Upon my visit with Dr. Alan Engler in Manhattan it was clear to me that my search was over because not only are Dr. Engler’s qualifications impeccable but upon meeting and speaking with him at great length I found him to be a genuinely caring individual who not only took pride in his work but put his patients best interest at the forefront. In addition, I also found the staff of Dr. Engler’s office to be extremely knowledgeable and genuinely caring as well.

So, we scheduled my surgery which was done ambulatory in the operating room in the doctor’s office where I met the anesthesiologist which Dr. Engler uses for his surgeries and I found him to be of the same caliber as Dr. Engler. After my surgery I found that Dr. Engler had the same attitude as he had prior to the surgery and the caring continue. He made sure that I, as well as all his patients, were given a number to which I could reach him directly in the event of any type of emergency (if one arose from the surgery). He also contacted me on a daily basis for the first week following the surgery to make sure I was doing okay and that everything was going in my recovery as it should.

Today many doctors treat their patients as an assembly line situation. This was not the case with Dr. Engler or his staff. The way in which Dr. Engler treats his patients before and after is a welcome blessing. As for the quality of his work I am extremely satisfied and would recommend him hands down above the rest. Dr. Engler is a true artist in his field.

Alan M. Engler, MD, FACS - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
122 East 64th Street New York, NY 10065 USA
(212) 308-7000

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