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The following are actual patient testimonials. Some have been edited, and certain identifying details were altered to protect privacy.
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My story with Dr. Engler began in 2005
Having my first child at a very young age, gaining and losing weight over the years, I had always been self conscious about my breasts. I did not dare attempt to wear a bathing suit, and was embarrassed to be seen undressed by my partner.  Then I had a lumpectomy and, although I was obviously grateful to be healed, and felt blessed, I was left even more asymmetric.
alanenglerI thoroughly researched  the top plastic surgeons in NYC and narrowed it to four.  I met with the first three and I was very discouraged.  I felt as if they all were  doing me a favor by performing my surgery.  Although my priority was choosing a doctor based on experience and expertise, personality and compassion were just as important to me.  I met with Dr. E expecting the same, and I was pleasantly surprised!
alanenglerHe greeted me as If he had known me for years, his warmth, personality and overall demeanor was marvelous.  His staff was friendly, attentive and knowledgeable.  He sat with me at length, explaining, answering questions, and very confident that my surgery would produce nothing but amazing results, and they did!!!   My breasts are now symmetrical, realistic, and truly beautiful.  With my enthusiastic permission, he put my pictures up on his website.
DrEnglerIt was without hesitation that I contacted  Dr. E  to perform his magic once again on my abdominal and hip area (tummy tuck and liposuction.)   We had discussed back in 2005 of my hope  to "one day" having it done.  At our consultation  four years later, he was so excited that I was ready to treat myself, he had remembered how I often spoke of it.  He was thrilled for me and so confident that the end result would blow me away, and it did!!!
alanenglerAs I marveled at my new sculpted body at my post op visit, he was so humble as I endlessly hugged him and thanked him  for  making such a wonderful change in my life.  I'm writing this letter 12 days post-op, as I look in the mirror in tears and amazement that I would ever look this beautiful.  I have never had a flatter tummy, I have a newfound waist minus the love handles.  It will be weeks before the end result because of swelling, but I am just astonished at what I see, and the best is yet to come!
alanenglerDr. E  I cannot thank you enough for the happiness you have brought me.  I look forward to aging gracefully, knowing that that you are there helping me along the way, you have hands of gold!
alanenglerMany thanks, hugs and kisses and although I'm happy that the surgeryis over, I miss your daily calls.

alanenglerI am now the third person in my family that Doctor Engler has performed a breast augmentation on – and that includes my aunt who was able to breastfeed two babies after her implants.  I am a 23 year old girl and I had been wanting a breast augmentation for some time now but was nervous about several issues, all of which Doctor Engler put to rest. First, and foremost, I was nervous about having a result that looked horribly fake like a majority of the breast augmentation jobs out there. It was very important to me to not only look desirable on the beach, but also professional amongst my professors and fellow classmates in Graduate school. To solve this issue, Doctor Engler gave me a take home test that serves as a great measure of what size you are looking to be and what it will look like on you. My second fear was the anesthesia. Doctor Engler calmed my nerves by answering all of my questions and describing, in detail, what was going to happen the day of surgery. The anesthesiologist that Dr. Engler chooses to work with only calmed my nerves even more. In fact, the entire staff consists of friendly and professional individuals. The day of surgery, the anesthesiologist was just as kind as Doctor Engler. He answered all my questions ( and I came with a few) and even numbed my hand for me BEFORE placing in the IV, when I told him I was very afraid of needles. This is just a prime example of how Doctor Engler and his staff go out of their way to do whatever is in their power to make sure you are comfortable from step A-Z. The next thing I knew, I was being woken up by the sound of Doctors Engler's calm voice and the touch of his hand rubbing my own until my family was able to arrive. Not only did Doctor Engler call every single day for the following week to check up, but was even calling from his vacation! ( Yes, I spoke to this dedicated Doctor while he was at the airport). It is really comforting to hear from your doctor every day when you are feeling things you have never felt before and are able to calm your nerves and be told, for sure, what you are feeling is normal. The fact that I am the third person in my family that Doctor Engler has performed a breast augmentation surgery only shows that the results are so beautiful that once you see them you want that same surgeon doing your own. I literally said, " I want THOSE, on ME". I could go on and on about Doctor Engler, but just go in for your first consultation (you've got nothing to lose!) and I am confident the rest will be history.
alanenglerI am an anesthesiologist and I chose Dr. Engler to do my lipo because, of all the plastic surgeons I work with, he does the best sculpturing.  I'm so happy with my results!  I can't believe how it turned out and it's only my 1st wk post-op!  I now have an hourglass figure; I never even had a waistline.  And he tells me it's even going to get better.  I couldn't be happier!
alanenglerFor the longest I can remember, I have always wanted to get a butt reduction, Ya every one these days is getting a butt lift, but I wanted mine off, it was just too big.
alanenglerThanks to RealSelf, I was able to find a great doctor. Dr E in New York City. Being that I was traveling from over seas, I did my initial consultation online via skype and email. The doctor was very accommodating being that I was not from the US. He worked around my schedule. I meet with the doc two days before surgery on a Saturday (ya the doc was amazingly accommodating) and we went over every thing one more time an on Monday morning, Jan 31st I went in for the surgery.
alanenglerThe staff was very friendly and nice. The anesthesiologist was also very nice. Was knocked out through the process. After I woke up, the doctor himself walked me to the car.
alanenglerSlept for several hours on arrival home. woke up the next morning with lots of blood soaked clothing, luckily i had put lots of towels on the bed. Dr E. called me every day about twice a day from his personal cell phone. He is such an amazing amazing doctor. He made the whole experience amazing. Because I had to travel to a different state a week after the surgery, I meet with the doctor 3/4days after the surgery and for the first time I saw what I looked like. The results were amazing, my butt looked amazing. oh on the day of the surgery, we agreed with the doc to also take some fat from the outer hips, and even though my stomach was mainly flat he took off the tiny bump all of this at no extra cost.
alanenglerMy results were so amazing, the doc asked me if it was ok for the two ladies that worked with him to see. They were all amazed. (I will post before and after pics soon)
alanenglerAround day 4 I took a walk. The compression garment really really helps. I tried to go without one day ( I had a bad night that day, so wear your compression garment if you plan to do lipo it really helps). By day 5 I was no longer taking any meds, I still couldn't sit on my butt and walked like an old woman. I was supposed to travel after 5 days but postponed my ticket to travel after 8 days. By day 7, I could sit (wasn't too comfortable but bearable)So day 8 I flew 3 hrs to Louisiana were I stayed with my sister for 2 weeks. I never knew what postures and movements my butt muscles were involved in until the Lipo. with each day that passed, I was able to do different things like bend to my feet, lift my leg.
alanenglerIt has now been two and half weeks since my surgery. I feel great, I look amazing, clothes fit me so nicely. I have an amazing figure. In a week I will be traveling 24 hrs back home and am so excited about this new beautiful body. For international people traveling for Lipo, I suggest giving your self 7-10 days before you can travel a long distance.
alanenglerAm so so happy with my results, and if any one is thinking of doing Lipo use Dr. E, he is the best, am totally in love with this guy. Amazing doc, very friendly, caring, and works magic.
alanenglerFour years ago, I came to Dr. Engler to discuss the possibility of rhinoplasty surgery.   He had come highly recommended by my trusted dermatologist at the time.  As it turned out, I decided against the rhinoplasty but began considering implant surgery instead.  When I was finally ready to take the plunge, I knew Dr. Engler was the right fit for me.  Both he, and his staff were so warm and welcoming during my initial consultation, it was an easy decision to make. 
alanenglerDuring our first consultation on implant surgery, Dr. Engler was gracious in spending time discussing options that would suit my body: I am 5'0" and 100 lbs, and was worried about the implants being too big for my frame.  He took the time to ask many questions about myself and my lifestyle in order to truly understood my unique perspective and areas of concern.   In fact, I felt so at ease with him and his abilities, I allowed him to make the decision as to the appropriate size implant once I was on the table. 
alanenglerDuring our second visit, as he was taking photographs, I mentioned that I had been having lower back pain, and that I had noticed a lipoma (fatty cyst) developing in that region.  He took the time to listen to my symptoms, to explore what was going on and to suggest that I see a specialist.  On my third and last visit before surgery, he asked me how my back was doing. He knew that I was struggling and cared about how I was feeling. I told him I suspected the lipoma was at least partially responsible for my back discomfort and that the specialists had suggested it be removed. 
alanenglerRemarkably, Dr. Engler  volunteered to remove the lipoma - free of charge - during my implant surgery.  Most plastic surgeons would never have taken the time to learn more about a patient's issues unrelated to their specific cosmetic procedure, let alone volunteer their time and effort to resolve it.  But that is the type of surgeon - and human being -  Dr. Engler is. 
alanenglerI am almost 2 weeks post-op now, and I love my new breasts: they are perfectly suited for my size.  And just as satisfying is that since the lipoma was removed, my back pain has subsided.    I cannot say enough how much I loved working with Dr. Engler.  His care, expertise and professionalism are beyond compare.
alanenglerI had a big dream for many years: breast augmentations. I was totally in love about that idea and I was just waiting the right moment and the right doctor. I moved to NYC 5 years ago and I decided to start to look around in order to realize my dream. I saw 8 different doctors in a month, after that I took one year to think about it. After one year I decided that it was the moment to realize my dream. Simply I closed my eyes following my instinct in order to remember all the Doctors that I saw and the only clear image that I had was of Dr. A. Engler. Even after one year I remembered the consultation with him very well. He had the patience to answers to all my 1,000 questions, he made me feel comfortable since the first moment, he was very professional covering all the aspects of the surgical procedure, and...he made me laugh and smile thinking about the result. The stuff was extremely friendly and professional as well. The procedure went smoothly and I had an amazing result: my breast looks gorgeous, full and so natural. My dream become truth thanks to Dr Engler and I will always be thankful for that. He is the BEST Doctor ever!!!
alanenglerTo give you some background information of my life and situation, I’m a 21 year old girl who has hated her breasts since she developed them. In all honestly I’m not one to use the word hate, but in this case I did, enough to beg my parents into considering a breast reduction. Of course I didn’t want to lose any essence of myself and I didn’t want to end up worse then what I was. You know those horror stories, the ones that intimidate you into going through with a procedure or even taking the first step looking for a doctor. In my case I had no fear in that department. I knew that I was ready to wear button downs, strapless dresses, and be comfortable in a bikini. With that being said Dr. Engler made all of that happen. He spoke to my parents conservatively. He leveled with me and helped me understand the procedure and post operation recovery and finally made my dreams come true. When asked after my surgery how I felt, I could only reply “I feel myself”. Dr. Engler not only brilliantly constructed my new breasts, but made me more confident then I could ever imagine. Now as an art major I can go into my live drawing class and not be jealous of the female model posing in front of me, but instead be proud of what I have and not compare myself. Dr. Engler made all this possible. Peace!
alanenglerI am a 35 year old female. I first started developing breasts in elementary school and then they just would not stop growing. They continued growing to the point where they were enormously huge. At one point, I was in denial about my size. I went to Lane Bryant and started trying on bras that I thought would fit me but were all too small. One of the sales girls pulled me to the side and suggested that I get measured. I kindly told her that was not neccesary because I knew my size but agreed to get measured anyway just to humor her. To my surprise, my breast measured a 40H. I did not know they made bras in that size. Not only were my breast big but they were heavy as well. I was involved in two motor vehicle accidents back to back while on the job and as a result of these accidents, I have 2 herniated discs and 1 bulging disc in my lower back. As you can imagine, the added pressure from my breast only exasperated my injuries.
alanenglerDuring a routine checkup with my GYN, she asked me if I would consider a breast reduction. I had thought about it but never considered following through with it. She recommended that I go to see in her words, "one of the best plastic surgeons." She referred me to Dr. Alan Engler. I'm not gonna lie to you, I had my doubts. My breasts were a very sensitive topic for me and although they limited me from doing a lot of things, they were what I had grown accustomed to. I was not able to go into the lingerie section of a store and purchase an attractive bra. I had to get the horse harness because they were the only bras made in my size. Most of the time, they did not sell my size in the store, I had to purchase them online, which was very costly not to mention time consuming. Not only did I have to pay at least $45 for one bra, I had to pay a separate fee for shipping and handling. I was unable to go to the gym because it was impossible t exercise. They just always seemed to get in the way.                       
alanenglerMy self esteem was also affected. I found it hard to interact with people because I felt that they were more focused on my breasts than on what I had to say. The gawkers and cat calls when I walked the street also disgusted me. Needless to say, I had a lot of issues.
alanenglerSo, with all of this in mind, I decided to call Dr. Engler. I took the first step and scheduled a consultation. Upon meeting with Dr. Engler, he made me feel instantly at ease. He took time to discuss the procedure with me. I expressed my concerns and he addressed every concern thoroughly. At that instant, I decided to go ahead with the procedure. There were some formalities that had to be taken care of before a date could be set and he said he would call me upon approval. I left his office that day with a sense of accomplishment. I was on my way to a new me.           
alanenglerNot long after my consultation, I received a call from Dr. Engler's secretary telling me that everything was approved and a date was set. I was exstatic. I had another consultation with Dr. Engler before the surgery. He discussed the surgery in detail and explained what I should expect afterwards. If I had any further doubts, they were now put to rest. I was ready to focus on surgery and recovery. The day of the surgery finally arrived and I was very emotional. Upon my arrival in the hospital, the nurses were all very caring as they prepped me for surgery.
alanenglerAll of my anxiety instantly left me when Dr. Engler entered the room. I was ready to embark on a whole new chapter in my life and this was the person who was gonna make that possible for me. I was beyond ready. It was time. I remember being escorted to the operating room and then the anesthesia kicked in. I woke up hearing Dr. Engler's voice which was very reassuring. He told me everything went well. During my post operation recovery, he called regularly to monitor my condition and expressed genuine concern. Not many doctors would do that. I can gladly say that I am on my way to adjusting to the new me. I am now a size 38D and loving it. I can walk in the street with my head held high without pressure from my sagging breasts. I feel normal again and I owe it all to Dr. Engler. From my initial consultation until this day, he has treated me like a person not just a patient and I am grateful to him and his staff for doing what I deemed impossible and giving me my life back.
Alan M. Engler, MD, FACS - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
122 East 64th Street New York, NY 10065 USA
(212) 308-7000

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